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Turning the farming energy up to an 11... Homesteaders of America Conference 2023 edition:

Well for a girl like me, it was an unforgettable experience. Every single vendor had something authentic, useful, and handmade. I walked from one vendor to the next, not skipping over any! Never before have I seen a festival where every single stall was interesting to me. The presenters were all different variations of amazing. The knowledge there, cumulatively, was like a sneak peek at a thousand years of accumulated human knowledge. From herbalism to whittling and water management... every person there was approachable and genuine. But it was the note from the founder insider that blew me away. Talk about genuine and vulnerable... A+ grade for HOA founder Amy Fewell.

I got to see Grace, the Shepherdess at Harmony Farms. She was on my podcast a couple months ago, so it was a treat to chat with her in person. Grace is an amazing lady, and I hope to see her continually successful in the future.

I went with a girlfriend and had a stellar time. We left our guys at home to tend our farms and drove from Ohio to Virginia through gorgeous countryside. The weather cooperated. Every single speaker was fantastic. Every single vendor was selling something authentic and interesting.

I spent WAY more than I had budgeted- NO REGRETS!

I picked up books, handmade wooden kitchen tools, a broadfork, pictures with some personalities, and a whole lot of inspiration. I had hot cider, handmade goat cheese, jerk chicken tacos and bbq. I came home with seeds, recipes, and selfies.

This was my first HOA conference and it won't be my last! I met up with a 6000 new like-minded attendees and 3 friends from the Peak Prosperity crew while I was there, it was a great time listening to lectures with them and comparing notes and impressions. If you can go with friends, this experience becomes even more special.

VA delegate Nick Freitas, former green beret and known for his quippy FB videos, was a featured speaker to a packed building, a blast to chat with, and posed with me with one of his iconic coffee mugs in hand. If you know, you know...

I attended talks by Shawn and Beth Doherty, Daniel Salatin, Daryl Patton, Justin Rhodes, Nick Freitas and many more. There wasn't a single presentation that I didn't take notes and walk away having learned several things. This is an event where you can really learn a LOT and speak with the presenters. Fab fun.

It was wonderful to see the beautiful colors that Mother Nature was showing us in Mid October. I'm enjoying the harvest, filling my freezer, and putting the last of the season's produce into jars, ready to settle in for the season of rest (Winter) on the Farm. We've sure earned it this year! I have a stack of books that I'll be tackling, and I'll be sharing things as I learn them. Wishing you joy and abundance in your lives. Farm on!

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