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Synchronicity Strikes Like Lightning bolts.

Updated: Feb 23

In 2023 I began something new. I've learned to put my need out into the universe through prayer, and then sit back and allow things to unfold a bit. Now while this might not be infinitely scalable, but I have had three things 'fall into place' in the past couple months. BIG things. Here's just one example - try this on for size and tell me you don't believe in a higher order of things.

We had a terrible driveway erosion issue where water runoff was an ongoing struggle. It was getting progressively worse over 4 years and finally it was beyond terrible. Two estimates later, it became apparent that a long term fix was going to be exorbitantly expensive, much more than we had available. I had the deep inner feeling that 'something is going to work out here' and I sort of decided to watch and wait. Which, if you think about it, is utter nonsense. Illogical chaotic sort of mindset.

Meanwhile we had sold some farm equipment to give us a financial buffer because we had encountered some other expenses.

And sure enough, one day, a service truck drove up and it was a company who had leftover tar and chip materials and equipment available for use that day. Fast forward to the eventuality, we got 200 feet of our driveway graded, rolled, paved, tarred and chipped that same day, for 1/3 the cost of the other estimates - none of which included paving or a permanent solution. It was also the amount that we had gotten for the equipment. I asked the guy why he had chosen our farm, because there were a dozen other gravel driveways along this same road. He shrugged and said "I have no idea, I just had an urge, turned into your driveway and found myself up here."

The other two things were also 'state your need, then sit and wait a bit and allow the situation to unfold' rather than driving a specific outcome. I cannot get into all the specifics here of the other items without betraying confidences or hurting others, but I can tell you- sometimes things work out like that. Thanks, universe. I'll keep listening and throwing good stuff out there and trust in the bigger system.

Manifest. Pray. Believe. Envision your future state and throw gratitude out there into the greater energy or God, whatever you believe in. Beautiful things can happen.

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