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FOOP Organic BioSciences 
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Partnering for Regenerative Agriculture Projects across the USA & PR


Throw away your miracle grow. No need to buy 17 different products for growing organic veggies. Meet FOOP, a revolutionary plant food. It’s not even fair to call it plant food because it's in a category unto itself.  FOOP is a proprietary  spectrum of beneficial bacteria + eleven strains of mycorrhizae + micronutrients + macronutrients + fish manure + fish emulsion + seaweed + volcanic ash + minerals + elements. Put it all together into the form of foliar sprays, liquids, and inoculated biochar - Using FOOP on your houseplants or garden is like a restock of all the micronutrients and macronutrients of the soil plus a biological activity upgrade and repopulation boost. These products turn dirt into living soil. and they’re certified organic!  There's no single product on the market even remotely similar to it.

Still have questions? Listen to my interview with Larry Footer, CEO and founder.  Enjoy the tour of what it is, how it works, and the future of FOOP.  This company is growing gangbusters and breaking new ground, saving our soils and reclaiming and rehabbing them in the process. Their products are developed and made in Virginia, USA.

Purchase FOOP products online for delivery to your door. 

How it works: As a multi-decade experienced gardener I can say these products are revolutionary. Unlike other products that just add N, P or K into dead dirt and keep plants alive, FOOP actually feeds the soil! It inoculates the soil with living microbes so that the plant can grow as nature intended, metabolize trace elements, utilize nutrients, and grow to their fullest potential. The scientists at FOOP have developed a way to help plants  thrive using that nature actually WANTS to work. Between the macronutrients, micronutrients, and microbes, FOOP truly turns dirt into living soil.

My own results: I've used FOOP products on my houseplants and they've never looked better. I'm in zone 6 and I bring all my outdoor plants in for the winter. Historically my outdoor plants sort of "survive" the winter indoors.  Not this year.  They *thrived.* My orchids popped into bloom, as did my overwintering citrus trees! My bird of paradise and banana tree grew over the winter and for the first time ever I had *zero* plant damage and losses from spider mites. The mites are there (I checked), but all my indoor plants were so robust and so healthy that they were able to live in balance, despite having spider mites! No spraying. no plant stress. That how it's supposed to work! 


FOOP has outperformed all chemical fertilizers and other organic fertilizers I've tried int he past. Plus It's OMRI certified organic, and it's an all natural product made from fish manure - a waste product from aquaponics. The balance that FOOP brings to my plants makes me so happy and confident that it's earth-friendly and safe for the soil.

Try FOOP for your best garden yet.

Order 32oz GARDEN or 32oz MIST from my farm shop.


Buy any of their products in any size you need, from FOOP directly.

Follow THIS LINK to get 10% off list price: 
or use code at checkout:  REGEN

My go-to products are the foliar spray "MIST" and the the liquid concentrate "GARDEN" product. They're easy to use and have almost limitless applications in my pollinator beds, orchard, perennial flower beds, and kitchen produce garden beds. FOOP also has a cloning gel which I will be using later this year to root cuttings from my elderberries and lilacs. I also have the option to purchase pH adjuster products from FOOP for special situations.  There's a whole suite of products to choose from.


Coming soon: FOOP Inoculated Biochar! The next thing that I can't wait to try. FOOP's biochar has a revolutionary delivery method because it comes pre-inoculated with the FOOP nutrient goodness. So there's no Nitrogen-robbing effect that is often experienced when adding plain biochar to soil. This biochar is also slightly moist, so no more danger of inhalation or big black poofy mess. If you've never used biochar, read up on it. A teaspoon of FOOP  biochar has as much surface area as a football field, so when it comes to moisture retention, it's a whole new ballgame. Increasing organic matter by just 1% in soil enables it to catch and hold an additional 22,000 gallons of water per acre. And biochar is pure organic matter. Solid carbon. This leapfrogs the soil building process, which means less runoff/erosion during big storms, keeping rainwater on your land and accessible to your plants! It replenishes aquifers, creates drought resilience, and even makes dry soils hospitable to different species of plants. This enables agriculture in areas that are otherwise too arid, and reduces or even eliminates the need for irrigation.  

MORE INFO on FOOP Products (There are several)

    Mix with water at 1oz : 1 gallon ratio and apply to soil. Liquid concentrate for applying to soil. Perfect for veggies, fruit trees, berries, flowers, bedding plants and houseplants. The sky's the limit.  

  • MIST:
    Ready-to-use foliar spray. Just shake and spray onto the leaves of the plant you wish to treat. Makes houseplants amazingly healthy. Made all of my orchids rebloom.    


    This gamechanger is available in fine ground and chunk pieces (you choose). Just mix into the soil of the area of your choice.  Chunk pieces are perfect for orchids and other epiphytes (ferns, bromeliads, pitcher plants, etc.) Finely ground biochar can be added to garden beds, planters, windowboxes and even houseplant soils with great effect. Will be available in volumes for larger applications across large land areas. 

  • Also available: NUTES for growing Cannabis-family crops, CLONE GEL, and PH UP and PH DOWN.   

Now you too can try for yourself. Clients of mine will receive a discount for any FOOP applications at their sites. Large site volume pricing is available for larger reclamation projects. If you have a bigger project, fill out the form here on this page to have a discussion about using FOOP and order free samples.

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