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Consulting for regenerative agricultural

food security

What makes Fair Hill Farm consulting unique:  

Only 2% of the population are farmers. Less than 15% of those farmers are in the regenerative agriculture space! Regenerative agricultural mentors and consultants are a further tiny subset of that tiny slice of a slice. Indeed, this is a pretty specialized niche. It's very easy to make expensive errors from not knowing the complexities of what goes into successful farming, unless you're actually a farmer today. 

Projects begin with your end goal in mind.  

Clients typically do not come from a farming background. That's okay, I speak fluent Suburbanese, Business-speak, and Newbie. I meet you where you are today and it's my job to get you to where you want to be.  

Will your project be a fit? 

No two projects are identical, so here are some select capabilities in the repertoire:

  • Specialty: Converting legacy estates and vacant land into working farms

  • Land selection for specific purpose use (size, location, terrain, soil, water, geography, features)

  • GIS Agricultural Mapping & Information Systems

  • Work with landscape architects, master planners, developers, and placemaking companies for larger / multiyear projects

  • Introductions to agriculture industry innovators and inventors

  • Planning conversion of land from conventionally-farmed (tilled, chemically fertilized, depleted soil) into rotational grazing / grassfed meats operation

  • Design / planning for master planned eco-communitoes  aka 'agrihoods'

  • Establishing autonomous, healthy, locally-sources grocery stores

  • Startup pastured poultry operation: chickens, turkeys, pastured eggs. Daily operations, handling, on-farm butchering/processing, brooding, veterinary care, nutrition, labeling laws, etc.

  • Carbon Credit programs (evaluations & enrollment)

  • Pasture raised lamb and sheep, dairy and meat goat operations 

  • Planning working homestead farm / second home property with bespoke resilience features and/or 'bugout' locations for affluent families

  • Amenity Design Services: equestrian, livestock, community gardens, etc.

  • Purchasing & Sourcing: Locating  and facilitating acquisition of disease-free genetics in livestock, heritage breeds &  rare breeds. 

  • Operational efficiency / profitability planning 

  • Education/outreach and speaking engagements around regenerative agriculture practices              


Qualifications & Experience

Judith is an accomplished Agricultural Consultant with a rich blend of academic excellence and 25 years of executive operations management experience and experience with a broad range of clientele, up to and including ultra high net worth families. With undergraduate studies in Biology and Technical Writing, coupled with an MBA in Operations Management, Judith seamlessly integrates science, business acumen, and agricultural expertise. With a profound dedication to sustainability, Judith has nurtured a lifelong passion for organic gardening and served as the owner of a thriving livestock farm for over a decade. This hands-on experience forms the foundation of Fair Hill Farm's consultancy, fostering innovative and sustainable agricultural solutions. 

A proactive member of professional networks, Judith has visited Agrihoods across the USA, is a member of the Homesteaders of America, Rodale Institute, and has furthered her knowledge attending Joel Salatin's acclaimed 3 Semesters of Rotational Grazing Farming School at Verge Permaculture in Ontario, Canada. In addition to consultancy, Judith speaks nationally at festivals, workshops, and conferences. Leveraging 25 years of business executive operations management experience in both the financial industry and nonprofit scientific research, Judith brings a strategic and results-driven approach to agricultural practices. As a dynamic speaker, podcaster, and entrepreneur, Judith shares valuable insights on agriculture, sustainability, and entrepreneurship, championing a more sustainable future of food supply chains, employment of youth in ag, and the critical importance of local food production using soil-building methods. 

Read  more below about the process.

Process & Offerings

I am here for you throughout your journey, every step of the way! Clients are often at the beginning of significant investments in a multiyear process. These endeavors require an element of endurance and grit because of the steep learning curve. The ultimate goal is for you to be wildly successful in your venture and I am here to keep you encouraged and on track. I am on your team, your biggest cheerleader, facilitating your bespoke vision for you. 

Initial Consultation

Discreet and confidential conversations begin with a free initial 30-minute phone conversation focusing on the client's vision of their project and its scope. Sometimes, additional time is set aside to explore more specifics of the project.  T

What to Expect

Within a few days, the client is provided with a high-level proposal that includes a summary description of the project and its goals, a statement of work (SOW), a list of deliverables, a timeline of events, and specific description of the final writeup/report and presentation format. Upon acceptance of the proposal and payment, work begins as set forth in the proposal.

Engagement Duration and Investment

Initial engagements are typically 20 - 40 hours of work. Preference is to begin long term relationships with clients in focused portions of time to ensure success of specific stages of bigger projects. Multiyear engagements are available at reduced rates after successful smaller steps.

Collaboration with Other Firms on Projects

I happily work as part of bigger teams for more complex projects. As your agricultural expert. I work with master planners, landscape architects, and developers as part of bigger projects. I make sure that the farm is operationally efficient and actually production-ready and not just looking pretty. For example: gate placement, wells, shelter, water access and fencing are critically important when designing pasture systems for specific livestock. Maybe you just need our help for one aspect of a bigger project, such as a wash station or packing house for veggies and want to identify the best software to organize your CSA based on your particular model.     

Additional Options

Banks of "emergency consulting/on-call" hours are available with a reasonable monthly retainer fee.  I designed this offering as clients found it highly desirable with the possibility of urgent livestock management situations or expensive decisions. Some want the reassurance of knowing they are able to speak with me no matter the hour or day, for immediate advice. 

  • Let's start talking about your regenerative project.

    30 min


Fair Hill Farm

Disclaimer: Nothing here on this website should be construed as medical or veterinary advice.  All content here comes from personal experience. Always consult your veterinarian or physician in matters of animal or human health.

Grow your skills. Bloom in your community. Enjoy an abundant, resilient, rooted life.


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