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Welcome to Fair Hill Farm, 19 acres of heaven in central Ohio.
Most people entering the regenerative farming space are not from the world of agriculture. Sure this makes for a steep learning curve. Luckily, they all have something in common: they all want to produce nutrient-dense, clean food while doing good and living a healthy, sustainable, earth-healing lifestyle.
My goal is to see you madly successful from the outset. 
Why? Because we need a lot more regenerative farmers. It's the only way to replenish depleted soils, revitalize rural economies, and return to nutrient dense healthy food that's locally grown. 

It's why I do what we do.

Not only is starting a farm expensive, but it takes many years to become proficient. It is common for people to have expectations and then be surprised with the complexity and ensuing events. New farmers encounter unfamiliar terminology and new concepts. They are suddenly facing different kinds of challenges they never even considered before they started farming. Too often this results in overwhelm and/or financial failure in the third year.

OUTREACH: Everyone needs inspiration and entertainment. We do that.

From agrihoods to ranches - farmstead or little homestead - I'm with you every step of the way, your biggest fan. On my podcast I entertain and inspire first generation farmers with stories of struggle and success, talking about ventures like yours on the Fair Hill Farmstead Life podcast. 

I am a public speaker and advocate for sustainable farms and ranches serving their local communities.

CONSULTING: Plans and mentors are a must-have. We do that too.

For corporate clients: Conventional farm reclamations and farmstead startups are common challenges. Agrihoods and sustainable master planned communities offer an exciting path forward where communities can be more resilient, cultivating local sources for food and goods, and reconnecting with their food sources and the process. Whether doing GIS Agriculture mapping and information systems work, developing an app, or specific designs for your personal farm - I have assembled an impressive network of skilled pros to work on your project. 
PRODUCTION FARMING: Yep. We actually produce meat, eggs, livestock and products on the farm. We walk the talk. Check out our store and our livestock pages. Read about our adventures farming on our blog
THE BIGGER MISSION: Recruiting 100,000 new young people into agriculture, through encouraging and supporting new farmers and ranchers and adjacent entrepreneurs who contribute to their local economies, advocate for food freedom, and want to build a new system of food production where people in agriculture earn a living wage! 
When one takes concrete actions to learn skills and create a more resilient, abundant life, it's highly challenging, but one also discovers anxiety about the future is lessened especially as part of a warm vibrant growing community! 
Farm on!
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