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This doc includes I developed this system entirely on my own, based on my own research, theories, and first-hand experience. I am not a veterinarian. This is a personal account of my parasite management system on my farm, with my livestock. Since I began using this regimen as it is written here, I have not lost one single animal to barberpole or any other parasite, whereas before this system, I lost many. Because I purchased animals from continuous grazing systems, they brought with them a population of highly resistant parasites to my farm. As such, I started farming with at least a few sheep with highly resistant parasite populations. Ergo, it is not surprising that prior to utilizing this regimen, single medications were not getting my animals to a healthy FAMACHA score. (1 – 3). I’ve kept 3 kinds of sheep: Icelandic, Dorper-Katahdin crosses, and registered Katahdins. Now I only keep Katahdins. I also keep Nubian & LaMancha dairy goats. I use the same logical decision tree for sheep and goats alike. I’ve shown this to one of the top barberpole researchers in the USA at Ohio State University. She gave an enthusiastic thumbs-up at the logic in treatment protocol. NOTE: I am not a veterinarian. There are many things that these items cannot treat. As sicj. nothing here should be construed as veterinary advice. This list is compiled as a comprehensive list based on my own personal experience. ALWAYS work with your veterinarian in matters of animal health. Yes, this is a long document. If the answer was short and easy, parasites wouldn’t be the huge problem they are. Buckle in, but fear not. Quite simply, using equipment on ppg 2-3, animals are given medicines on page 4, at dosage rates in tables ppg 5-6. It’s easy to know when and what based on the chart on pg. 8. Supporting critical management concepts & practices are on ppg 9-12. It’s a lot to understand, I know. It’s also the document I wish I’d had when I started back in 2013. This would have saved me dozens of errors, thousands of dollars, and heartbreak. à I wish success right out of the gate for you. Enjoy.      


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