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When Your Llama Hates You...

...but does a great job. I just want to hug her. But my guardian girl just isn't snuggly. Nope. Shearing her is a full contact sport. It takes four hours with scissors or hand shears and I have skin missing, bruises, and I need a shower to wash the spit out of my hair and a few adult beverages to forget the insults. Not for the faint of heart I tell you. I can't give her medicine without wearing it. I'd rather get her a friend than replace her.

I could get canine guardians. Nope. I think I'm going to stick with llamas for now. There's just something special about those banana ears.

When city kids visit and say WHAT'S THAT THING?! I answer, "Oh, that's just my giraffe sheep. She's ancient and grumpy. Don't take it personally she hates everyone. except the lambs."

Because yes, she does put up with the lambs and their nonsense. Like a patient nursemaid.

Ah Wisonia. You're such a sweet witch. Love you to pieces.

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