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Staycations and Funemployment

But I'm a farmer. So it's different. Even my coffee is happy this morning.

Time to come back to the office after a year and a half of remote work during a COVID? Hmm. No thanks. Company just had the best year ever and I've demonstrated how well things work in my team - things are stable so I made my feelings clear... I'm a mom. For me, there's greater value in time with my kids than time commuting. No more fear of losing my corporate job. Because I'm done.

No more working for others. I'm betting on myself. Most exciting thing ever. But I know I've got this. Because I've got my tribe. And it feels great in my soul. And together we're building amazing things here and I'm here to tell you it's FAN-FLIPPING-TASTIC on the other side of fear now that I've stepped outside my comfort zone. This is what my liberation felt like.

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