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I have a daylily problem. And I'm not about to fix it

No seriously. It's bad. For three-four weeks of every year... really from late Juneish to late Julyish... I just sort of "druid" about with my camera, taking pictures and staring at my daylilies like some sort of lovestruck weirdo. It's not normal. It brings me such joy on a deep level. I have over a hundred varieties. From mutts and sports to registered superstars; they're all special. They have racehorse names with jokes, innuendo, family ties, and history. Love them all. They range from 12' tall with 3 inch blooms to 55 inches tall and up to 14" blooms. I have nocturnal, diurnal, scented, unscented. doubles, singles, weird shapes with twists and beautiful crested oddities, teeth, and shimmer. Truly they are are worth the wait, worth the money, and glorious wonderful flowers. Until you've been to a daylily breeder's farm or perused a website selling a large variety of lilies, you just canoot imagine.

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