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Apparently We've got Coywolves

Oiy. I've had turkeys snatched off fenceposts during the night or killed on nests. I've lost numerous chickens. I've seen one with solid black pups in tow and one in her mouth. I hear them at night. Chilling sound. I've captured them on game cams. Thus far, we've held the uneasy truce. I stay inside at night and keep everyone buttoned up. During the day, I expect them to stay scarce.

Then my then-18 year old son came face to face with a BIG one the size of a German Shepherd, just 20 feet from our house. It looked him up and down, then looked (as he described) 'irritated but not aggressive or afraid' and he high-tailed it to the house. I asked, "what was going through your mind as you were staring at it?" he said, "I thought to myself damn. I should have worn my brown pants."

The next winter we found three deer kills within 100 feet of our home, just up the hill in the woods.

We cleared brush far away from the house. Up the hill. and all around. Thus far it's been a present, but manageable threat.

Yes a coywolf is a real thing. It's a mix of coyote, timberwolf, and domestic dog. It's a real thing, and they're in Ohio. They're big (approx 50 lbs) and I've seen them. There was a fantastic documentary on them "Meet the Coywolf" . If you're a livestock farmer, I HIGHLY recommend watching this

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