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FOOP Mist is a foliar spray created from all organic ingredients including recliaimed fish poo, that can be applied to any type of plant in both conventional and hydroponic farming.  For clones, seedlings and young plants, apply one light spray from 6-12" away; aim slightly above the plants so the mist rains down on them. For mautre plants, spray all areas directly until moist.  FOOP Mist can be applied as frequently as daily, or periodically as needed.  Do not used on very dry or dehydrated plants. Do not use on flowering or blooming cannabis or hemp plants.  Made from fish poo, fish emulsion, kelp, mycorrhizae, willow water and aloe vera. It's a special combination of microbial bio stimulants, beneficial microbes, mycorrhizae and a host of micro and macro nutrients that plants utilize. It's all put into an organic plant food  applied as a foliar spray to boost plant health and transform your soil into a living ecosystem. It's a revolutionary product, it's brand new, and there's nothing else on the market even remotely similar to it. In fact, it's not even fair to call it "plant food" because it's more than that.  Foop Organic BioSciences is growing gangbusters and breaking new ground, saving our soils and reclaiming and rehabbing them in the process. They're totally developed and made in the USA. Privately owned. 

32 oz size FOOP "MIST" Foliar Organic Plant Food & Biostimulant Product

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