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It's a special combination of fish poo, microbial bio stimulants, beneficial microbes, mycorrhizae and a host of micro and macro nutrients that plants utilize. It's all put into an organic plant food  to transform your soil into a living ecosystem. It's a revolutionary product, it's brand new, and there's nothing else on the market even remotely similar to it. In fact, it's not even fair to call it "plant food" because it's more than that.  Foop Organic BioSciences is growing gangbusters and breaking new ground, saving our soils and reclaiming and rehabbing them in the process. They're totally developed and made in the USA. Privately owned. How to Use: Shake well, then mix with water at 1oz : 1 gallon ratio and apply to soil. Liquid concentrate for applying to soil. Perfect for veggies, trees, berries, flowers, bedding plants, herbs, succulents, shrubs and houseplants. For young plants or leafy greens: mix 1-1.5 oz FOOP Garden per gallong of water and feed twicke per week or as needed. For mature plants or heavy feeding, mix 2-3 oz of FOOP Garden per gallon of water and feed twice per week or as needed.  

32 oz size FOOP "GARDEN" Organic Plant Food & Biostimulant Product

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